Abu Simbel

About Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is on the top priority list of anyone going to Egypt. The temples of Abu Simbel are located in the southernmost part of the country; go any further and you are in the Sudan.

The easiest way to visit Abu Simbel is as an organized daytrip from Aswan you leave very early, you see sunrise somewhere in the desert and you can be at the site before it gets to hot. Many of these tours have arrangements for lunch included. This is quite expensive, it normally would include an early morning flight and return by early afternoon. (driving takes several hours)

The main sight of the place are the two huge temples: the one for Ramses and the one for Nefertari. The view from this place is incredible, in the middle of the desert, and at the shores of Lake Nasser, which was created with the damming of the Nile River to create the Aswan Dam. The temples got world fame when an international UNESCO operation was needed to save them from the rising water of Lake Nasser. The operation, which cost US$40 M and took 6 years, was a monumental engineering feat. Literally, the temple complex was removed piece by piece and then restored in the new (higher ground location) Inside these temples, it it absolutely incredible. The bright colors in the carvings are essentially intact. While places like Valley of the Kings are also very amazing.... Abul Simbel is still worth the expensive visit. Many tourists hesitate...but...if you do go....you will be very glad you did!

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