About Timor

Most people call at West Timor either to get to or from Australia to the rest of Indonesia. Kupang is the biggest city on the island and is not too bad to hang around for a few days.

The capital of East Timor, Dili, can be reached fairly easily and offers a mélange of Portuguese colonial remnants, a laid-back atmosphere and some nice beaches.

However, East Timor (a former Portuguese colony) is mostly known for its heated relationship with Indonesia, that invaded and occupied East Timor in 1975. After a lot of bloodshedding, East Timor finally saw its chance in 1999 and 80% of its population voted for independence. These days, the UN sees to the upholding of the referendum results. Although East Timor is open to travellers, be aware that they are not a common sight outside the city of Dili and that feelings can run high when even mentioning the political situation. Best to check on the present state of affairs before heading off for the eastern part of Timor.

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