Ko Samet

About Ko Samet

An Island getaway southeast of Bangkok. Part of a national park area. By some considered to have the nicest sand in Thailand.

Very popular destination among thai-people and also visited by many foreigners.

Naga Beach is the most popular to young party people with several bars and hut-type hotels. The rest of the island consist of smaller beaches with a selection of lodging and resorts in different price categories. Some place get full during weekends so it is advised to arrive mid-week since many places do not offer advance bookings.

To enter the nice parts of the island you have to pay a fee to the national park authority which is ten times higher for foreigners as it is for thai guests, so if you are asian looking and speak a bit of thai you can easily pay the smaller fee. Local transport consists of pick-up trucks with seats that costs some money to use. There is plenty of bus connections to Ban Phe where you take a boat to the island. If you buy your ticket from Khao San Road the boat fair is usually included and if there are few passengers you they might use a van instead of a bus. An alternative is to take the cheaper busses from Bangkok Ekkamai and buy boat fare when you arrive, to do this you should preferable speak a little bit of thai since the bus station can be very confusing.

Since it is a national park you are allowed to set up at tent anywhere on the island (several places rent out tents) even if there is a sign saying it is not allowed. At Naga beach there is a small shop, a book exchange and internet cafe. There are ATMs on the island so you don't need to bring cash, some places accept credit cards but with an extra fee.

From the island there is plenty of daily boat trips and also the possibility to learn scuba diving. The diving on the island can be very special and a great experience. Many bars offer nightly movies when you are tired.

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