About Southampton

Southampton is home to some of the finest beaches in Bermuda, and also a couple of truly lovely hotels.

Horseshoe Bay is a must-visit. A large, well-kept and beautiful beach, with lifeguards, rentals and a cafe. Walk all the way along the shore and you can discover hidden coves that are connected to each other, and can be accessed through the water or along the road.

On the Cup Match holiday, look for the blue tents of local families enjoying camping out under the stars and creating a real party atmosphere!

Hotels in the area include the gorgeous Fairmont Southampton Princess, and the Elbow Beach. Smaller and more intimate, The Reefs is ideal for Honeymooners.

Hire a moped and explore! The South Shore Road runs all the way through Southampton and will take you towards Hamilton or The Dockyard easily. Or jump on a pink bus.

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