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Austria Classic Hotel Hauser

With the ambience of a Wels middle-class house and his especial flair is the small, fine city hotel as unique as the small historical town herself. In our new advanced and new renovated 4* city- and business hotel with coltish vaults, idyllic roof terra
type:First Class
address:Bäckergasse 7, A-4600, Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242 45409
CostOfDoubleForANight:EUR 76-118

Austria Classic Hotel Stadtkrug

Four-star Hotel located in the city centre, beds 136, rooms 31 Single room, 48 Double room, 3 apartments. All the 62 luxury rooms have en-suite facilities, mini bar, cable TV, phone, radio, hairdryer, ironing machine. The 21 belle etage rooms are ideal for businessmen and businesswomen. The 30 m² b...(more)
type:first class
address:Kaiser-Josef-Platz 21, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242 62941

Dormotel Traunpark

type:First Class
address:Adlerstr. 1, 4600, Wels
CostOfDoubleForANight:EUR 80-110

Gasthof Auerhahn

21 beds
type:mid range
address:Lichtenegger Straße 6, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/60467

Gasthof Huber

41 beds
type:mid range
address:Wiesenstraße 69, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/45030-0

Gasthof Kaiserkrone

14 beds
type:mid range
address:Bahnhofstraße 66, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/47365

Gasthof Pfeffermühle

22 beds
type:mid range
address:Gärtnerstraße 7, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/45597

Gasthof Zur Waldschänke

Small B&B with 11 beds
type:mid range
address:Roithenstraße 2, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/61640

Greif Avalon Hotel

Four-star Hotel located in the city centre with 91 beds (30 single, 30 double rooms, 1 suite). The Hotel Greif, a member of the Avalon group, has a hotel tradition of more than 400 years. All the 61 stylish rooms have en-suite facilities, radio, color-TV, mini bar and telephone. Parking in the hotel...(more)
type:first class
address:Kaiser-Josef-Platz 50, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242 45361

Hotel Bayrischer Hof

Three star hotel with 89 beds.
type:mid range
address:Dr. Schauer-Straße 23, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/47214

Hotel Goldenes Kreuz

Three star hotel with 32 beds
type:mid range
address:Stadtplatz 69, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/46453

Hotel Gösserbräu

Three star hotel with 40 beds.
type:mid range
address:Kaiser-Josef-Platz 27, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/60460

Hotel Kremsmünstererhof

Three star hotel with 147 beds.
type:mid range
address:Stadtplatz 62, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/46623

Hotel Maxlhaid

Three star hotel with 36 beds.
type:mid range
address:Maxlhaid 9, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/46716

Jugendherberge Wels – Youth Hostel

50 beds
type:sleep cheap
address:Dragonerstraße 22, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/235-757

Pension Zeilinger

32 beds
type:sleep cheap
address:Ringstraße 29, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242/47440


Four-star Hotel with 200 beds (100 double rooms) located in the city centre
type:mid range
address:Adlerstraße 1, A-4600 Wels
tel:+43 (0)7242 62 23 6